BE BACK SOON. Because, well, 2020 rocked my world!

Newsletter Confirmation

Yay, you’re in!

Cue the confetti!

You might have heard me mention my obsession for Mondays, and stories about going beneath the pretty. Well, friend – I can’t wait to drop this goodness at your virtual doorstep. *HEADS UP* this looks like me popping in your inbox a few times a month… but I’m SO excited to get to hang out here.

And while we are on the topic of email. I was thinking about how I feel when people send me mail I don’t want. And I thought you might be thinking: “Who in the heck does she think she is to know what I need.”

And you’re right.

And since I only want to serve you and send things to you that you love, can you let me know what best suits you?

Just pop in your deets in the right box below, and you’ll get whisked off to a magical land where I’ve made note of your answer.

Pick your passion:


And if it’s something else, would you hit “reply” in your welcome email and let me know where you’d fit best?

Talk soon!



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