BE BACK SOON. Because, well, 2020 rocked my world!

A Grimm Fairytale

God is not preparing the perfect guy for you. He’s preparing you for the right guy to come and walk alongside you.

I don’t talk a lot about my relationship with Ryan. Because…

A. If I were to tell you about our story, how we met, and how we work every day to make our relationship a safe space to land. It would take a lot more than this page and endless supplies of champagne.

Nobody has time for that. Nor the hangover.

And there’s the other thing.

B.  When it comes to this space of my life, I feel like ‘who really cares’ about our story. Not to mention it’s hard to walk the line between bragging & what’s sharing.

However, in order for others to trust us, they have to know us. I would like for you to know me. Not just the pretty version of me.

And in order to know me, you need to know our relationship.

So while I do play on the fact our last name is Grimm and naturally, fairytales are associated with such a moniker as this one.  Our life is NOT A FAIRYTALE. It’s a modern love story, full of grit.

We work daily to make it easier for us to make brave decisions together. To communicate better. To live better. To love better.

So as you grow to know me, you can peek inside my relationship as I begin to bravely share spaces of our life that I think might we worth sharing. Just look for the breadcrumb trail #agrimmfairytale

“Let us drop these breadcrumbs so that together we find our way home because losing our way would be the most cruel of things.”


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